Day 60: Typing body paragraphs and beginning intros

Today, students typed their body paragraphs in GoogleDocs and some classes wrote their intro paragraphs.

1. Formatting. Double check to see that all of your paragraphs are color-coded according to who wrote them.

2. Finish typing body paragraphs. All body paragraphs should be typed in GoogleDocs by tomorrow at the beginning of class.

3. Intros. We reviewed intro paragraphs and read four examples. Download them here: The Introduction Paragraph.

4. Writing the intro. In 4th and 7th periods only we began writing our intro paragraphs collaboratively, choosing one option out of the four on “The Introduction Paragraph” handout.

HW: Finish typing your body paragraph in GoogleDocs for tomorrow! If you are in 4th or 7th period you must finish your intro paragraph by tomorrow as well! I should be able to tell who wrote what sentence in the paragraph by the colors you use.

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