Day 58: Finding evidence

Today we found evidence for our topic sentences and began writing our body paragraphs.

1. Check your argument. Students checked with their group to make sure that W10 was completely filled out and each group member had a paragraph assigned to them.

2. Do now: Find evidence for your topic sentence. We used a simple graphic organizer, W11, to find three point of evidence to back up our topic sentences. This took between 20 and 50 minutes!

3. Review of tips for writing essays. We reviewed the following tips: use lots of transitions, write in present tense, don’t use first person, and novels don’t talk. This was all on W12, which some classes will not receive until tomorrow.

4. Using Quotes in an English Essay. We reviewed three rules for using quotes and practiced fixing poorly formatted evidence.

HW: For some classes, all I asked for you was to finish finding your three quotes. However, for others, I needed you to write your entire body paragraph rough draft on W13.

The final paper (all together) will be due on Tuesday in class.