Day 36: Motif journals and learning stations

1. Students said in their motif groups. Here is a list of the groups if you were absent: Motif Groups.

2. In groups, students filled in their motif, theme, and related questions on A7: TKAM Literature Circle Role Guides. Motifs and Themes can be found here: TKAM Motifs and Themes for Lit Circles. For related questions, students discussed with their group what three interesting discussion questions could help them further understand the motif as they read. For instance, if your motif was stereotypes, a group could write “Why do people stereotype others?” Then, as the group reads, they will look for the answer to this question.

3. Choosing Lit Circle Roles. Looking at the Role Guide (A7), students chose which role they would prepare for on Tuesday, when we will meet in our Lit Circles to discuss for the first time.

4. Review of Motif Journal assignment. We reviewed the requirements of the motif journal: 1/2 page personal response (students saw examples of personal responses from last year) and 1/2 page of prep for the literature circle role. Now, it’s okay to do more than what is asked. You can use your motif journal to write down any thoughts, ideas, quotes, or responses you have as your read! It’s yours!

5. Learning stations for Ch. 1-4. In a return to our own childhoods, and in an attempt to reflect back just like Scout the Narrator does, we used learning stations to explore some elements of the reading so far. Students built with blocks, looked at paintings and photographs, wrote about life experiences, helped Scout pack a survival kit, and explored irony at different stations. Their writing was collected for a homework grade. If you were absent, you are exempt from this activity.

HW: For Tuesday, Regular English: Read Ch. 5-6. Complete one motif journal entry for Ch. 1-2. Complete another motif journal entry for Ch. 5-6.

For Tuesday, Honors English: Read Ch. 5-8. Complete three motif journal entries on any combination of chapters 1 – 8 (For example, three entries, one on Ch. 1-3; one on Ch. 4-6; one on Ch. 7-8).

Everyone should be prepared for a quiz of some sort whenever reading is due.

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