Day 12: My plot diagram

Today we started to truly brainstorm about what students’ personal memoirs would be focused on.

1. Students began working on the My Plot Diagram handout (Honors: My Plot Diagram hon Regular: My Plot Diagram st). Throughout class we continued to work on it, listening to music on and off.

2. Homework. Students turned in their Plot Diagram for the personal essay as well as L7, the personal essays they read and highlighted.

3. Notes on The Informal Essay. On the back of L6, students took notes on the Informal Essay. They can choose to write a personal narrative or a personal memoir, both of which share certain writing characteristics.

4. Plot Diagram continued. Students listened to Ms. Garvoille’s example of a plot diagram packet as they worked on their own. I’ve posted my example below for anyone who has questions.

HW: For Monday, finish My Plot Diagram packet completely. On Monday you should be ready to begin writing in class.