Day 168: Editing Speeches

Today we peer edited our non-profit speeches.

1. Students highlighted elements of their speech. In four different colors, students located:

  1. Main points (Thesis statement, topic sentences, concluding argument)
  2. Internal documentation (parenthetical citations that refer to a Works Cited page)
  3. Discussion of non-profit organization
  4. Rhetorical devices

2. Students picked one color area they needed help with. For ten minutes, partners worked on one student’s paper to improve the color area, making fixes as necessary. After ten minutes, partners switched to work on the second paper.

If they had time, some students timed their speeches. They must be under five minutes long!

HW: Final speech on a non-profit and a cause due Monday. Bring two copies: one for me to read (12 pt font), one for you to read (larger font — or bring notecards).