Day 160: Studying WordSkills

Today we studied for the WordSkills Unit 6 test tomorrow by playing card and computer games!

Study online here: Quizlet Unit 6 Games.

How to get extra credit:

  • Bring your complete Unit 6 notes to class tomorrow.
  • Make flashcards and bring them to class tomorrow.
  • Come to the review session Wednesday at 8:00.
  • Win the game at the review session.
  • Score in the top five users playing Space Race on Quizlet. As of this posting, the top score is 195,360 and you have to beat 169,920 to get in the top five.

HW: Study for WordSkills Test tomorrow. Read through the end of Act II in Romeo and Juliet for Thursday. There will be a review session on Wednesday morning at 8:00 before the test for a point of extra credit.