Day 146: Extended Metaphor

1. Poetry Journal. Describe a fight you have seen or been in. This could be a real or fictional fight (on TV, in a video game, etc.), a physical or verbal fight.

2. Extended Metaphor. We read the poem “War” by Mark Ebert. We identified the war words and the TV words, focusing especially on those words that could apply to both war and television.

3. Fighting words. Students brainstormed imagery, nouns, verbs, and adjectives that related to fighting.

4. Stormy words. Students then brainstormed words that related to storms.

5. Writing extended metaphor poem. Students must write a poem that retells the story of the fight through use of an extended metaphor. Honors students may choose to write on another topic, so long as they use an extended metaphor.

HW: Finish extended metaphor poem comparing a fight to a storm. Minimum 14 lines.