Day 132: Complete Article Revision

Today students were split into two groups: those who were finished with their GoogleDoc article and those who weren’t. Those who weren’t ready caught up on their work (plot summary, character descriptions, and source summary all typed) while the rest of us moved forward on the Complete Article Revision.

1. Edit current GoogleDoc. Students independently read all the contents of their current GoogleDoc aloud, editing as they read. Anything that you can’t read aloud easily probably needs to be changed. Students made editing marks using the guide distributed on the back of the Complete Article Revision assignment.

2. Edit current Wikipedia page. Students edited by hand the printed off version of the novel’s current Wikipedia page (if it exists). I asked students to look for and fix typos, grammar errors, biased information (“this brilliantly written novel”), and teasers (“But who will Rebecca choose? A mysterious night will yield the answer.”). Biased information does not belong on Wikipedia, because it must be written from a neutral point of view. Teasers do not belong on Wikipedia because it is not a platform for book sales, but an encyclopedia, which should state what happens clearly without hiding anything.

3. Figure out how to combine GoogleDoc into Wikipedia page. Students made notes on their Wikipedia printout where they could add sections from the GoogleDoc. Likewise, they highlighted on their GoogleDoc the paragraphs, sentences, or phrases they would add to the Wikipedia page.

HW: Finish Complete Article Revision for tomorrow. This will count as a quiz grade! If your group isn’t done, but you are, just go ahead and print out the GoogleDoc to edit. You don’t need to wait up.

Absentees: Complete the Complete Article Revision at home.

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