Day 131: Editing Source Summaries

Students received their weekly syllabus today (download here: Weekly Syllabus 3 Writing Wikipedia). Today we met in the computer lab to accomplish a few things:

1. Students edited and typed their Source Summaries. All students typed up their Source Summary in their GoogleDoc under the heading “Reception,” “Autobiographical Elements,” “Adaptations,” or “Themes.”

2. Students printed their GoogleDocs. All students need to print out a copy of their GoogleDoc for tomorrow.

3. Begin Complete Article Revision. In order to do the Article Revision, students need 1) a printout of the current real Wikipedia page of the novel (if it exists) provided by me, and 2) a printout of the group GoogleDoc. We will work on the Complete Article Revision tomorrow in class as well. The Revision is due on Thursday at the beginning of class. The Article Revision should be completed independently.

HW: Print out group GoogleDoc (one per person). Bring to class tomorrow.

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