Day 127: Typing

Today students went to the computer lab to type up the summaries and character descriptions they had written. In order to practice collaborative editing, each group typed their work into one GoogleDoc from different computers. They would watch each other’s work appear on the screen in real time.

1. Work on typing article into GoogleDocs. Students followed these directions today for setting up the document and typing their work: Wikipedia Google Docs Setup.

2. Print. All groups had the option of printing their plot summary at school. However, many groups did not finish typing, so will have to print at home.

HW: Print your group’s plot summaries. Edit the group plot summary on paper with editing marks for tomorrow. Use the checklist provided on the back of the Google Docs Setup sheet.

Absentees: If you can, call or email someone in your group. Ask them to invite you to the Google Doc. Make sure you give them your email address you used to sign on to your Google Account. Then you should download the Wikipedia Google Doc Setup document (click link in #1) and add your plot summary and character descriptions to the GoogleDoc. Print it out and edit it according to the checklist on the back of the page.