Day 107: Film Terminology

Before picking up on watching the film, we defined the many film terms needed to talk about the movie.

1. Passback Reading Quiz. Students saw their reading quiz scores from the end of To Kill a Mockingbird. Students can do quiz corrections in my classroom when I’m here for half credit.

2. Paragraph Revision Assignment. Students received their paragraphs on To Kill a Mockingbird with suggestions for revisions as well as an assignment sheet (download here: TKAM Revision Paragraph Web Version). We went over the instructions and I took questions on the assignment. The assignment is due on Friday.

3. Film Terms. Students defined and took notes on film terms in the chart on their Viewing Guide from yesterday. Here they are (if you missed them):

Term Definition Effect
Long Shot

shot filmed from far away establishes setting
Medium Shot

shot filmed from medium distance shows characters in their surroundings; a common shot

shot filmed from close distance allows viewer to see emotions in character’s face
Extreme Close-Up

shot in which a small object or part of a face takes up the entire frame shows emotion, thoughts, or symbolism (if on an object)
High Angle

shot taken from above looking down diminishes the stature or importance of subject
Low Angle

shot taken from below looking up magnifies the importance of a subject

the subject gets larger shows importance of object or person; creates suspense

image slowly darkens to black, or from black slowly shows the image creates sense of a beginning or a sense of finality

switch from one shot to another or from one shot to black allows viewer to see entire scene from different perspectives
Voice-over narration

when a disembodied voice tells the background of a story or thoughts allows viewer to learn background information and interior thoughts

background music manipulates the emotions of the viewer

4. Watch To Kill a Mockingbird. We watched about 15 minutes of the film. Students should have completed their first viewing guide.

HW: Revised paragraph due on Friday. Download assignment above. Study for WordSkills test next week.

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