Day 104: Breaking down the Binaries in TKAM

1. WordSkills. Students took notes on Unit 5 words 20-25. They should be able to make flashcards this weekend.

2. Lesson on Binaries. Students took the following notes on binaries:

Notes for Lit Section:

Breaking down Binaries – Analysis Technique

In literature we can divide ideas into opposing sides. However, once we examine a work closer, we begin to see crossover. This crossover between opposites creates meaning.

Binary – composed of 2 opposing sides

Binary opposition important to Structuralism literary movement (Levi-Strauss main theorist)

Breaking down binaries important to Deconstructionist literary movement (Derrida main theorist)

3. Binaries in TKAM. Students created a T-graph in which they wrote ideas about the difference between adults and children. Then, they tried to find crossover. Only students who had finished reading the novel could participate.

HW: Finish Visual Journal for Monday. Finish reading To Kill a Mockingbird for Monday. Make WordSkills flashcards.

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