Day 102: Plagiarism and WordSkills

Today, Ms. Sample came in to speak to classes about the gravity of plagiarism violations. Over 20% of all students plagiarized their research notes on some level. This includes borrowing phrases, sentence structures, and key terms from an article without putting them in quotations. All students who had their work returned to them must redo the highlighted sections of their notes in order to receive credit for the assignment.

In the future, plagiarism violations can result in two to three days of out of school suspension. I was very disappointed at the number of students who failed to follow directions on the research notes assignment. We signed plagiarism contracts, students had an opportunity to ask me during their research if they were rephrasing enough, and their notes template had clear instructions not to copy directly from the article.

In the left over time students took notes on WordSkills 5.16-5.20.

HW: Read through Ch. 28 for tomorrow. Visual Journal entries.