Day 94: Tests Returned, WordSkills Reborn

1. Students received their Short Story Tests. This was part annotation, part multiple choice on a reading, part essay. We discussed the breakdown for the essay grade and students recorded that grade on their Writing Portfolio cover sheet.

2. Example timed write essays. I distributed two samples of excellent student essays so students could see what a grade-A timed write looks like (download here: SS Test Example Writings). Students partnered up to discuss the sample and then we reviewed as a group the main features of a successful writing.

3. WordSkills 5.1-5.5. We took notes on the first five words in Unit 5. Thanks to my extremely knowledgeable 9th graders, I now know the difference between a biosphere and a biome! Thanks, Bio teacher! We also learned that ambulances were originally “hopitals ambulants” or traveling hospitals, and that duct tape was originally created to repair air ducts. I love how WordSkills brings out the inquisitive side in us all.

4. Infamous. In the classes that didn’t get to watch the clip of the movie about Truman Capote and Harper Lee, we watched it. Except 3rd period, because they were very inquisitive during WordSkills.

HW: SIRS database research was due today. If you didn’t do it, do it! Reading through Chapter 8 of To Kill a Mockingbird, as well as visual journals, due tomorrow. Download the calendar under the Homework tab at the top of the page.

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