Day 76: “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” Review

Today, we took an opportunity to review story elements by listening to a Neil Gaiman science fiction short, “How to Talk to Girls at Parties.”

1. First, students drew a card to decide which topic they would listen for in the story. Topics included setting; characterization of Vic, Enn, or the girls; the symbolism of cheap wine, getting lost, and Coca-Cola; and plot diagram.

2. Next, students met in like-like groups to discuss their topic before listening. They discussed the definition of key terms so they would know what to look for in the story.

3. We began listening to the story. The text of the story can be found online at Gaiman’s blog here. You can listen to Gaiman read his work (as we are in class) here. If you are listening, the story starts at “Part 2.” As we read, students completed a visual representation of their topic on this worksheet: How to Talk Graphic Organizer. Comprehension questions we discussed in class can be found on the back page of the worksheet.

HW: Study for Short Story Test on Friday. Test format: Multiple choice questions on a new reading. Questions will test comprehension and understanding of the following terms: dynamic/static character, characterization, plot, exposition, COMPLICATION, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, setting. Short essay question applying one of the above terms to “The Dead” or “And of Clay Are We Created.”

Tomorrow we will finish the Neil Gaiman story.

Absentees: Listen to the story by following the link and read along through the end of the Part 3 clip.