Day 60: WordSkills Presentations

Today students presented their group projects on word parts with similar definitions. As we watched, students rated each other on how well the presentation made them remember the word parts.

We had songs, dances, skits, posters, and even a game of Jeopardy!

This presentation will count as a quiz grade with student comments factored in.

HW: Study for WordSkills test on lessons 1-3 on Monday. Come to review session tomorrow morning at 8:00 in Ms. Del Dotto’s room or Monday morning at 8:00 in my room.

Absentees: You will be exempted from the project. Study for the test Monday.

Please add your comments below about what you think were the best presentations. In the meantime, I will post some of the song lyrics we heard:

Watch the video and sing along…


All of these words mean the same thing to me.
It is time to learn the words so baby stay with me.
(I love it.)

It can get confusing at times when you start
And after we’ve been hooked we can play it by heart.

Before, before, before
This may be hard.
Show ’em what you got.

Ante, pro, ante, pro, ante, pro, pre, pre, fore, ex
You’ve gotta learn this.

Ante, ante, pro, pro, pre, pre, pre, ex, ex, ex, fore


Hello my name is Demi.
Hello my name is Semi.
And yo, yo, my name is Hemi.
Ya feel meh?

Three halves don’t make a whole.
But you can put us in a bowl
Like cereal
But only half reduced fat cereal
And this is how we roll


Go Semi!
Go Hemi!
Go Demi, Semi, Hemi!


Which prefix means in, in, in, in?
In, in, which prefix means in, in, in, in, in?

You oughta know, there are a lot o’ prefixes meaning
We’ll put on a show, and tell you what they are
So you’ll get a hundred.

So put down your paper and hear this presentation.
Come on and learn with us, we’ll give you the information.

First there is intra, then there is intro
Followed by endo, then there is in, im, il, ir, em, en
First there is intra, then there is intro
Followed by endo, then there is in, im, il, ir, em, en


Some words are: intramural,
Introduction and endocrine,
Inject, irrigate,
Import and illuminate.
Then there is empathy and encyclical.
Boy, aren’t these words that mean “in” so wonderful?


“Beyond” – Superhero Theme

To infinity and beyond!
We got Dash over dere all hyper,
The Predator kickin’ moves that are preter.
Superman gets the gold star for being super,
Something you should get to be better.

To infinity and beyond!

Batman y Robin en el Batimobil, llegan y que hacen le dice a Hulk para.

X-men working together being extra–beyond

We were ultraviolet, supermatic space, and walk around with an S on my waist.
Protocol blast with a gravity mass.
My ultra suit is sharper than glass
And don’t worry, I’ll catch ya
And mine will be extra.

WordSkills Tribute Song

You’re on the phone with your teacher, she’s obsessed
She’s going off about something Ms. G said
She doesn’t get the words like I do

I’m in the room, it’s a typical Tuesday night
I’m studying the kind of words she doesn’t like
And she’ll never know you vocab like I do

But she reads Twilight, I read WordSkills
I’m doing homework and she’s starring in “The Hills”
Dreaming ’bout the day when you’ll wake up and find
That the WordSkills you want have been up in your mind

If you could see that I’m the one who understands
The words you need to make it to the end
You’ll see
You belong with me

“Not (a Jerk)”

You’re a “A” I know!
You’re a “An” I know!
You’re a “Un” I know!
You’re a “Non” I know!
You’re a “Ob” I know!
You’re a “Anti” I know!

Everything quiet and the bass real hard
With non-flammable pants, always flame-retardant, got illegal swag.
And this here for y’all so we got imperfections like the Jim Crowe laws
I’m a beast, I’m atheist, and I guess I’m a jerk…

“The WordSkills Half-Blues”
We live on the top (duh-dah-du-dum)
Hemisphere (duh-dah-du-dum)
On our very own pier (et cetera)
And everyone’s here
The demigods gathers
In a semicircle
Around the joker
With half a brain
He has no pain
In his semicircular head
He’s halfway dead
Wandering around
Looking for clovers
Drinking demitasses
Burning half of us
Making all of us
That is all.

“In” (lyrics to come)

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