Day 59: The Odyssey – Message and Maturity

Today, students turned in their final set of reading notes on The Odyssey. We spent most of the class period on another Socratic seminar.

1. Answer the quickwrite question: If The Odyssey as a whole has a message or lesson to teach about life, what do you think that message is? Provide at least one point of support. Students answered the question on a sticky note and placed in on the board in one of the following categories: Family, Choices, Chance/Fate, Pride/Hubris, Desire, Loyalty, Human Nature, Home, or Obstacles.

2. Discussion question: As half of the class read sticky notes, the other half answered the following question: Who is more mature? Penelope or Telemachus? Why? Give a quote to prove it.

3. Socratic Seminar. Students discussed their responses to reading the final chapters of The Odyssey, all the while writing down everything their classmates added to the conversation. I collected this paper for a grade.

HW: Finish your WordSkills group presentation and be ready to present tomorrow in class. Study for the WordSkills test on Unit 3, Monday.

Absentees: Answer the questions under number 1 and number 3. Turn in your reading questions homework when you return. You will be exempted from the discussion.