Mockingbird: Day 3

  1. First, we went over our vocabulary words. Expect a quiz on Monday over words 6-10 or 6-15 if you’re Honors.
  2. Free read time. Remember, you have to read ten books on your own by June!
  3. Annotation of Mockingbird page 1. We read and annotated the first page of Mockingbird to predict what it will be about. Here is the handout: Close Reading Exercise #1 (Mockingbird) or Close Reading Exercise #1 (Watchman).
  4. In some classes we also brainstormed key questions and terms that went along with our motifs.

HW: Study for vocab quiz on Monday!

Also, today was our school Poetry Out Loud contest for grades 9-12! Our two winners were ninth graders Sky and Asha! Congratulate them!

Everyone is invited to attend the Durham County Regional Competition on Wednesday, February 8 at 6:00 at the Hayti Heritage Center. See you there!