Memoir Day 14: Intro to Character Description

We continue learning about the use of detail in writing and characterization.

1.     At the beginning of class everyone took the Unit 1, Part 1 vocab/word part mini-quiz.

2.     After the quiz, students free read.

3.     Character Description continued: We reviewed our Padlet characterization activity from last Thursday.

4.     Character Description. Students spent time writing in their writer’s notebooks. We asked everyone to think of a person they like A LOT and a person they don’t like so much and to write a few sentences describing the physical characteristics of each person. We discussed how we usually describe the physical traits of a person we love with a positive spin and tend to describe the physical traits of people we don’t like so much with a negative spin. The goal was to think about how a physical description of someone can reveal how the author feels about a certain character.

5.     Character Description. Then the students applied the same technique to describe their school desks in order to convey their feelings about going school. For example, if someone loves going to school then they might describe the color of their desk as a nice, sandy, brown color and if they hate going to school they might say their desk is a beige color similar to when someone throws-up boiled potatoes (ew, gross).

HW: Finish reading for Book Club # 2 and complete Role Sheet #2 for tomorrow, 9/20.