Memoir Day 1: Procedures and Building Class Community and

Today was a great one! Welcome back to all! Here is what we did in class:

  1. Students received a Syllabus. You need to bring it home, look over it with a parent or guardian, and sign it. Unless you’re in first period, in which I completely forgot to hand them out! You will get yours tomorrow.
  2. We wrote down our favorite quote from the memoir we read. We will use these in class tomorrow.
  3. We got to know each other with a people-finder and by talking with our partners.
  4. We answered some questions about what we want in an ideal classroom community. We will discuss our answers tomorrow and come up with some norms for our space.
  5. We reviewed school-wide procedures. Here is a copy of the student handbook if you want to have a look: DSA Time Tracker Handbook. Key points: don’t be late to class more than twice or you’ll get after school detention, if you’re absent more than ten days you’re in trouble, if you owe money to the school (lost books, etc.) you won’t be able to participate in extracurriculars, field trips, or dances.

HW: Get your syllabus signed!