Example R&J Essay Structure

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Ms. Garvoille

Honors English I, 1

24 May 2016

Clever Title


            Hook connecting to your reader’s life. Your hook should relate to your thesis statement on your prewriting in some way. Transition to Romeo and Juliet—remember to italicize the title. Describe the basics of the scene you are writing about. Transition to give the basics of your artwork. Describe the artwork in 2-5 sentences as if to someone who has never seen it being sure to name the artist and title of the work. Thesis statement.


Topic sentence that supports your thesis. Make your first ASSERTION about the play. Provide CONTEXT for evidence by describing what is happening in the play at this point in the conversation. Give a short piece of EVIDENCE from the play to support your point about imagery (cite the quote with act, scene, and line number like this: 1.4.45-46). INTERPRET how the evidence shows your assertion by focusing on a specific word or phrase. This can go on for up to 3 sentences. TRANSITION to discussing the artwork. Make an ASSERTION about whether the artwork supports what the play says or not. Provide CONTEXT for one detail, for instance, “in the recording at about 3:21” or “in the lower left hand corner of the drawing.” Then give your EVIDENCE, for instance, “the French horns and violins alternate playing the same motif.” INTERPRET how that detail supports/contradicts the literary device you described in the previous paragraph—for example, “That alternation suggests two sides fighting, warring back and forth with sound.” Conclusion sentence restating whether or not the artwork successfully showed the theme and TRANSITIONING to your next point.

ALL REPEAT THE PREVIOUS PARAGRAPH FOR YOUR TWO/THREE MAIN COMPARISONS. You may decide to make the previous paragraph into two paragraphs instead of one.

HONORS REPEAT THE PREVIOUS PARAGRAPH ONCE MORE. You may decide to make the previous paragraph into two paragraphs instead of one.

Restate your thesis in new words—something about the success or failure of the artwork. Review all of your evidence in a sentence or two—how did or didn’t the artwork relate to the theme in the play. You might add another sentence explaining what a viewer would think about Romeo and Juliet if this were his only interaction with the play—what misinterpretations would he have? Is this version actually better than Shakespeare’s in some way? Now connect this essay back to the reader’s life, either by returning to your original hook idea, or proposing a new idea.

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Artist last name, first name. Title of Artwork. Location, year. Print/Web.