Wednesday, September 16: Book Club #1

  1. Students met in their memoir book clubs. First, we just briefly discussed students’ reactions to the memoirs they have been reading and checked to see if everyone made it to the page goal for the week.
  2. Next, we discussed how each memoir we are reading is, in fact, a mentor text: these books will help us and guide us as we write our own memoirs, just like a mentor would in real life. For five minutes, we did a freewrite to answer the questions, “What about the writing style so far would you like to emulate (copy)?” Students then shared briefly around the circle in their groups.
  3. Students received Memoir Reading Book Club (I4). We decided which roles each person would perform for each week.
  4. Next, students completed their role for Week #1. This took only about five minutes.
  5. Finally, students ran through a brief discussion using all their roles.

HW: Continue reading in your memoir book. Reading #2 due next Tuesdays along with your role preparation for week #2.