Tuesday, September 1: Slanted Imagery

  1. Students received W3: Slanted Imagery examples / Slanted Imagery Graphic Organizer.
  2. We examined Thomas Cole’s painting The Oxbow.

3. Students filled out their graphic organizer (the back of W3) based on the picture. Then, we wrote a two-minute description of the scene from either the positive or the negative point of view using as many words from that side of the chart as possible.

4. Next, we wrote about our desks using slanted imagery to show either A) we love school, or B) we don’t like school. It’s still the same desk — we’re just describing it differently. Love school? It’s cool and smooth, an almond color, with a crisp sound when you rap it. Don’t like school? It’s hard and cold, plasticy beige, with fake wood grain. Same desk — different descriptions. The description matches your feeling. That’s slanted imagery!

HW: Complete Slanted Imagery Brainstorming and write 1 page describing a place in your memoir using slanted imagery. Due tomorrow.