Friday, May 15: Scenework!

Students shared their scene cuts and read through the scene with parts once.

Next we did some writing about our characters. If you were absent, answer the following questions about the character you have been assigned by your group to read:

1. What is your main goal in life (as the character)?

2. What annoys you most?

3. Who is your modern equivalent? (i.e. in attitude this character is basically a 16th century Kim Kardashian or Mr. Ward) Why?

4. What is your anthem? What is the song you could listen to on your 16th century iPod and say, “This is my jam!”

5. Write a one paragraph journal or diary entry in which you reflect on the events of your scene. If your character dies in the scene, you will be writing this journal entry from the afterlife.

In some classes we had time for an oral quiz.

HW: Read all of ACT 3 for Monday.

Here are the scenes to watch before you read:

Watch 1:00:00-1:40:14

1976 version:

Watch 1:18:37-1:40:28

1982 version:

Watch 1:17:00-2:06:20