Thursday and Friday, May 7 and 8: Starting to read Romeo and Juliet

1. We discussed the background of Romeo and Juliet and analyzed the prologue, taking notes on this sheet: Guided Notes Background.

2. Students received a reading guide to complete as they read (there are summaries to do on the back): To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Guide (front) Timeline RJ (back). We filled out the entire front in class together.

3. We listened to and discussed the first half of Act 1, scene 1.

HW: Over the weekend, finish reading Act 1, scenes 1, 2, and 3. Here are some videos you can watch before you read or during your first reading. You must read the text at a slower pace than is presented in the videos (and the videos leave out a lot!).

Check out this AMAZING new version with *swoon* Orlando Bloom!

Scene 1 is 0:00-10:05.

Scene 2 is 10:05-14:00.

Scene 3 is 14:00-19:18.

You can also watch this 1976 version:

Some of the scenes here are a little mixed up, but you should watch 0:00-24:50.

Or you can also watch this (somewhat problematically cast) 1982 version:

Watch from 0:00-24:36.