Monday, March 16: Intro to To Kill a Mockingbird – Setting, Time

1. Today we finished presenting speeches if needed and talked about how awesome our rally was on Friday!

2. Students wrote to the following prompt:


This was a 7-minute freewrite if you’re following along at home.

3. We discussed how the next text we are reading follows the story of a girl and her brother growing up in the 1930s, but it was written during the 1950s in order to (possibly) make a statement about the civil rights movement. We will begin reading To Kill a Mockingbird on Wednesday, if you are interested in purchasing your own copy. This is a slight change of plans from the beginning of the year because Mr. Michel, our teaching intern from Duke, has joined us and selected this text.

4. Research. Students gathered in groups of 2-4 to research some of the key events leading up to the story time (1932-1935) and the narrative time (late 1950s). We presented our findings to the class. Tomorrow we will continue with setting!

HW: None