February 9: GRAMMATICAL MONDAY begins!

Students turned in their revisions of the Dangerous Words essay.

1. Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences. We spent about thirty minutes today playing with clauses, forming them into simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. This is leading into our Sentence Patterns, which are central to all English classes at DSA and will help us write our speeches.

If you’d like to play along at home, or if you were absent, here’s what to do:

– Download the game pieces: kinesthetic speech. There are two copies on this file to save paper, but you’ll only need one copy.

– Watch the slideshow and make your own sentences with the pieces. But your sentences must make sense!

2. Sentence Patterns. Students then received a complete packet of sentence patterns, G2: Sentence Patterns. Students were asked to identify the four patterns we had just learned (#1, 3, 4, and 8). We labeled the different parts of the sentence on each and put a checkmark next to the numbers.

3. Finish K. O. R. D. notes. A few classes needed to finish taking notes on W21, Effective Speechwriting.

HW: None. Start considering what issue is important enough to you to think about writing a speech about. We will plan our speeches this week in class!

Absentees: Download the handout in #1 and play the game. Make sure you pick up or print out the sentence patterns and label them G2.