Wednesday, January 7: Wordy Wednesday!

Today we finished our notes on our Vocabulary Unit and started preparing for our test which is NEXT WEDNESDAY.

1. Completion of notes. If you were absent, you can see all the definitions here.

2. Simon Says. We reviewed the word root definitions.

3. Pictionary. Finally, we reviewed our 10 (Regular) or 15 (Honors) SAT words.

HW: Study for the test next Wednesday. The format is:

I. SAT Words – You will get a list of the SAT words we learned and then you will have to write a complete sentence using the word in context to demonstrate your understanding of it.

II. Word Root Definitions – Honors will get a list of the 25 word roots and will need to write the definition of each. Standard will have matching for this section.

III. Application – Students will answer 25 multiple choice questions that ask them to apply the word roots to new words in context.

ALSO read through the end of Chapter 50 in Great Expectations by Friday.