Art Exploration – Friday Homework


1. Choose TWO works of art to complete two sets of questions on:

A. Vantage Point, by Lorna Simpson

B. Judith and Holofernes, by Kehinde Wiley (read the biblical story here)

C. Your Body Is a Battleground, by Barbara Kruger or Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face

Download the questions here: Art Examination.

2. Complete annotating this article for our Seminar on Monday.

Class on 10/31:

1. Students began by answering the question, “What halloween costumes are culturally insensitive? Why?”

2. We then read aloud and annotated the poem “Negative” by Kevin Young.

3. Students worked with partners to answer the question, “What is this poem saying about race?” We discussed briefly as a class, addressing the affect of media and wealth on cultural stereotypes.

4. Next, we watched the trailer for the feature film, Dear White People:

5. Then, we discussed our answers to the Halloween costume question using whiteboards to get across our points when needed.

6. Finally, we began working on analyzing some works of art centered around the ideas of gender and race. We will discuss the works of art in our seminar on Monday.

HW: See above!