Tuesday and Wednesday, October 28 and 29

Tuesday, students had a day to finish working on their Dangerous Words essays.

Wednesday’s here’s what we did:

1. Answer the eight reflection questions in complete sentences on a separate sheet of notebook paper.

  1. What is a thesis statement?
  2. How did the tone of this essay differ from the tone of most essays you write in English or Language Arts?
  3. When you’re using the internet for research, how can you tell if you the website you’re using is a reliable source?
  4. What was the most difficult part of the research, analysis, or writing process? Why?
  5. How does this assignment compare to other English writing assignments you have done either this year or previous years? Were you more motivated? Did you feel your writing improved? Did you work harder on it? Or was it about the same? Why do you think that was?
  6. What about your research process or writing are you most proud of? Why?
  7. For this essay, I didn’t give you a strict formula for organization. How did you like not having a clear structure? Did you enjoy the freedom? Did you feel you had to think harder about organization? Or did you feel like your writing suffered because you didn’t know how to organize yourself?
  8. How did this project affect the way you think about or use language (ie “dangerous words)? Have you acted, spoken, or thought differently since you’ve started researching your word?

2. We brainstormed as a class some ideas for spreading awareness about word use.

3. We took vocab notes and played SAT word charades.

HW: None