August 25: Procedures and Getting to Know You (and Authorial Intent!)

Hello everyone! Sorry this post is a little bit late! The first day of the school year was awesome and I’m excited to move forward!

1. Students picked out an updated syllabus and media release form (Syllabus 14) at the door as they came in.

2. Students (except 1st pd. — it’s coming!) wrote in their journals on this prompt: 

-What was your summer reading about?

-Why do you think your author decided to write the memoir?

3. We then talked briefly about the different reasons for writing — to inform, to persuade, or to entertain. Students then categorized their summer memoirs to fit one of the categories.

4. Students turned in their summer assignments. A few students received their assignment for the first time, which is to read Tobias Wolff’s “The Last Shot” and complete one reading log (Summer Assignment for New to DSA Students).

5. People Search. Students mingled in a people-finding icebreaker that included questions about the summer reading (Memoir PeopleSearch HS).

6. Next, we reviewed the syllabus and policies and students could ask questions.

7. Finally, in some classes we moved on to looking at some artists’ self-portraits. We will continue this tomorrow!

HW: Sign and return Media Release Form so I can share what we are doing in class with you on this site!