March 25 and 26

1. Students wrote a journal entry from the point of view of the speaker of their poem.

2. Next, we wrote three ice-breaker questions you would ask someone you just met.

3. Then, we all pretended to BE the speaker of our poems, and got up and asked and answered questions with our classmates in character.

4. We reflected on what we learned about the speaker through the exercise.

5. Notes on L13. We added the following notes to the “Five Powers of Poetry” sheet in our binder.

Power #4: Voice: the specific personality of the speaker of the poem. Created through syntax (sentence structure) and diction (word choice).

6. Speaking Poems techniques. We went through L20: Speaking Poems. We found all of the bold devices in the example poems and our own poems. We underlined words to emphasize and put parentheses around word to deemphasize.

HW: Finish marking your poem for the speaking techniques (but don’t turn it in). Be prepared to perform your poem with all hand motions and voice techniques on April 7 or 8.

The Honors Project for poetry (writing sonnets and annotating them) is due on 3/27 (Thursday). You can just turn it in to the box.

If you were absent, you should complete #1 and #2 on a sheet of notebook paper and turn it in to the box with “Absent” written on top. Next, add notes from #5 to your binder. Then, read the back of L20 and mark all the devices in your poem. Practice saying your poem out loud, emphasizing the underlined words and deemphasizing the words in italics.