February 21 and 24

Day 2 of “The Material Imagination”: Metaphor

1. Warm-up. Students described the taste of the wind in this image using 5 different similes. We shared these with our partner, who then picked the ONE with the most material detail in it.

Claude Monet’s “Cliffs of Varengeville: Gust of Wind”

2. Notes. We added to L13 (The Five Powers of Poetry) a definition of metaphor.

3. Example poems. We read three example metaphor poems, discussing and annotating as we went.

4. Collaborative poem about food. We created metaphors about food and then stiched them together into one group poem.

5. Metaphor practice. Students either wrote about an object outside or chose a card with an image. Based on the cards, we . . .

– Picked a card with an image

– Described the image for three minutes

– Chose an “abstraction” (drawn from a bowl)

– Wrote a poem based on “Loving You” or “Death is a Parked Car Only”

– Download the assignment here: Extended Metaphor Writing Assignment – 5 Powers

6. We shared a few of these poems.

HW: HONORS finish, revise, and turn in your metaphor poem.

STANDARD may do this for 5 points of extra credit.