November 4: A Day

1. Students had the opportunity to finish their writer’s workshops.

2. Students received Beginnings and Endings (W4), which they began using to revise 2 beginnings and 1 ending of a chapter. Students should also use this to help them come up with a title.

3. “Not to Be”: Students received G2 — “Not To Be”: Using Strong Verbs in Writing. We then made revisions to our memoirs based on G2.

HW: 4A needs to complete their “Not To Be” packet, including counting the number of “to be” verbs in their memoir (gray boxes on the front). This is best done on Google Drive using Ctrl + F to find the verbs. You don’t need to change the 10% of to be verbs yet, but you do need to turn in the packet to the homework box by Wednesday morning (4A only). 

Finish memoir by Friday. Print and turn in final draft to box. All rough drafts should be brought to class.

Finish reading your memoir book (Caged Bird, Color of Water, Black Boy, Bad Boy) by Friday. We will have a class discussion using the book as evidence next week.