October 8 and 9

English I 

1. Vocabulary notes. Students learned the words indifferent, impetuous, and indignant, and took notes on word parts through #13 at least. For notes, click on the Vocab tab at the top of this page.
2. Students selected a short, student memoir to read and then answered the following questions:
•What was this memoir about?
•What do you think the author did well?
•What was your favorite sentence?
•How did the author decide to divide his chapters?
•Did you notice the author’s use of any literary devices we have discussed in class? Give a specific example.
•How will this memoir influence the way you write your own?
HW: If you didn’t turn in your paper in class, finish reading the student-written memoir and then answer the questions above. Turn in your answers to the homework box.


Students took vocabulary notes, continued independent reading, and chose a student memoir to read and answer questions on. We will continue our reading tomorrow.
HW: None


Today we continued listening to “This I Believe” essays and taking notes. We will move on next class.
HW: Bring back your signed permission slip for the survey. We actually won’t be taking this until next Monday, so if you didn’t get one because you were absent on Tuesday this week, you still have time to get a permission slip and have it signed.