8/30 and 9/3

1A, 1B, 4B: English I

1. Warm-up.

      In their notebooks, students wrote a description of a painting by Roosevelt, “Eight Huts in Haiti.” Writing in first person singular, they described the setting without using to be verbs. We will discuss imagery next class.</li>

2. SRI Testing. All students took the SRI test in order to know their reading level. This will help teachers place students either in Foundations of English I, English I, or Honors English I. We will discuss any major changes with students and parents next week.

3. Why read fiction? If students finished their SRI test early, they read this article from the New York Times.

3AB: Foundations

On Friday, students took the SRI test and then read their independent novels. Some students elected to take these books home, so look for them to read over this long weekend!

On Tuesday, students listened to The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, completed a writing exercise, and read their independent novels.

4A: Freshman Focus

1. Reflection. Students answered the following questions:

– What about the values inventory from last class was difficult? Easy?

– How do these values relate to the Jordan High School community?

2. Mission statement writing and sharing.

3. Definitions of success discussion.

4. Students silently read an article to annotate for Wednesday.

HW: Finish reading the article and making one comment/summary in the margin for each paragraph. All you have to do is read and take notes. Don’t do the exercises on the last two pages.