Coming of Age Paintings

James McNeill Whistler’s Symphony in White No. 1 (1862)

Andrew Wyeth’s Winter 1946 (1946)

For each painting, answer the following questions. You do not need to use complete sentences. Get out L14 (Coming of Age Novel) to help you.

1. Look at the painting for 5 minutes. As you do, write down everything you see.

You can do #2 and #3 as a T-chart:

2. What is rebellious, youthful, naive, or untrained about the image? Make a complete list.

3. What is respectful, mature, wise, or deferential about the image? Make a complete list.

4. How does the artist show the subject of the painting is coming of age or has come of age by understanding his/her identity and place in society?

5. Make a connection between this image and Romeo and Juliet or a moment from Billy Liar. Explain the similarity, difference, or connection you make. Use a piece of evidence (a quote from the play, a specific detail from the film).