March 1: A Day

1. Freewrite.
2. Work pass backs and library card applications. If student do not have their own library cards, we have arranges for someone from the York PL to come in and set them up! Students need parent signatures to get cards. Cards can not only help you check out books, but can get you access to high quality research databases unavailable through YCSD alone.
3. Poem annotation. Students all chose a poem about coming of age to read and annotate. This was collected at the end of class for a grade.
HW: none

1. Turn in song revisions.
2. Balcony scene watching.
3. Love or Lust? Students analyzed one line from II.ii to determine whether it showed love or lust. They wrote a paragraph proving their point and then we did a physical poll to see whether Romeo or Juliet was more loving/lustful.
HW: finish reading all of Act II for Monday.

1. ACE-IT on love or lust. Each student chose a quote from II.ii. They then analyzed the quote to see whether it showed love or lust. We wrote paragraphs proving our points. These we collected for a grade.
2. Balcony scene charades.
3. Pep rally.
4. Watching balcony scene. If you search YouTube for “Romeo and Juliet Royal Shakespeare Company” you will find an excellent production of this scene.
HW: Read the rest of Act II. Complete your song analysis revision for Tuesday. Bring all drafts and old rubric to turn in.