February 11: B Day


1. Plot summary. Students wrote in their notebooks for three minutes to summarize the plot of their book so far, then got up and told two other people this concise version of the plot. Finally, students worked alone or in their groups to write the third section of their plot on their Plot Summary sheet.

2. Work time. Students then had the rest of class to read their books or finish their webquest.

HW: Finish reading your novel and complete Reading Log 4. All due Wednesday when we will start learning about research!


1. Freewrite.

2. Writer’s Workshop. Students gathered in their writer workshop groups to read their work aloud for feedback.

HW: Make edits to your work based on feedback. Tomorrow, we will have all class to work on typing/revising our final drafts in room 404. These are due on Wednesday.


1. Students read an example video analysis (scroll down to read it).

2. Students had the whole class period to write their video analysis reviews, which are due on Wednesday.

HW: Print out final video analysis for Wednesday. Bring in chart to turn in as well.