Questions for Video Analysis

Answer as many of the questions as you need to develop a point-of view about the message of this piece and whether or not it is helpful or harmful to viewers.


  1. What gender does the piece’s perspective reflect? 
  2. How are subjects of the piece dressed?
  3. Describe the relationships between the men and women: Are they long or short term? Casual or serious? Broken up or together?
  4. What are the men/women doing?
  5. How are the men/women dressed? How much skin is revealed?
  6. Are there more, fewer, or the same number of men as women?
  7. Describe the body language of the men/women?
  8. What cultural ideals of masculine and feminine behaviors/beliefs does the piece convey?
  9. What conflict arises in the piece?
  10. When does the conflict surface? How do you know?
  11. Does value reorientation occur? In other words, throughout the course of the piece does the narrator change what he/she values or does he/she maintain the same values?
  12. Who or what makes the change in values happen?
  13. Is that which is culturally valuable presented as masculine or feminine?
  14. What evidence can be found that one gender is devalued in the piece? Look for visual and/or verbal symbols. 
  15. Does the piece challenge the typical hegemonic structure or support it? In other words, does the piece go against what most people see as typical or support it?
  16. Do you think this belief system is helpful or damaging to the viewer/listener?
  17. What beliefs about relationships or gender roles does the piece attempt to convey to the viewers?