Recording and Reflection

1. How to AudioBoo. Practice reading aloud by yourself or with a friend. Make changes in your essay as you read.

2. Record yo’ Boo with an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

3. Post yo’ Boo in a comment next to your paragraph on Google Drive.

4. Collaborative Essay Reflection: Answer these questions in a Word document in complete sentences. “I don’t know” is obviously not an answer.

Print to 410 when you are done.

1. What was the most difficult part of this collaborative essay assignment?

2. How did your motif annotations help you come up with ideas or evidence for your essay?

3. What are you most proud of in this essay?

4. What do you think your essay still lacks?

5. What does it mean to provide evidence?

6. What is a thesis statement?

7. Where in the essay should you state your thesis?

8. Where in the essay should you restate your thesis?

9. What is a topic sentence?

10. What are two qualities that make a good title?

11. What was beneficial or problematic about reading your essay aloud?

12. For each group member, including yourself, write one strength they showed as a team member on this project. Consider helpfulness, troubleshooting, being on task, politeness, etc.

13. What grade do you think you, as an individual, deserve on the essay and why?

5. Done? Study for your midterm. Consider studying vocab on Quizlet or even creating your own set for writing and literary terms.