December 14: A Day


1. Freewrite.

2. Finish film terminology notes.

3. Film comparisons. Students viewed four different versions of an adaptation of Charles Dickens’s novel Great Expectations. We took notes on their differences using this graphic organizer: Great Expectations graphic organizer. Here are three of the scenes:

#1. 1948, Dir. David Lean

Start watching at 1:08:52 and stop at 1:11:40

#2. 1999, Dir. Julian Jarrold

start at 1:37

#3. is copyrighted. It’s the BBC version shown on Masterpiece Classics with Gillian Anderson as Mrs. Havisham.

#4. 2012, Dir. Mike Newell, Adaptation by David Nicholls

4. Watching The Outsiders. We had a bit of a technology snag for a few minutes, but we got to watch the film until Ponyboy and Johnny go to the empty lot.

HW: Catch up on your reading if needed.


1. Freewrite.

2. Practice finding evidence for your assertion. Students worked in pairs to solve a puzzle that required them to match assertions with evidence from The Hobbit.

Then, we went on our field trip to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. On the field trip, students were to start this Viewing Guide, which is HOMEWORK to complete: Hobbit Viewing Guide

HW: Finish reading Chapter 11 of The Hobbit for Monday. Complete 5 motif notes. Finish your viewing guide (except Sabrina. :)


After the field trip, we discussed our thoughts on the film.

HW: Finish your viewing guide. Also, finish reading Chapter 12 for Tuesday.