November 20: A Day


1. Freewrite.

2. Ponyboy’s choice. Students looked at page 5 of the novel and listed the events that occurred. They then shared their list with two partners to make it more accurate. Then, students made a list of five different actions Ponyboy could have taken. They shared with the class to create a list of ten options. Finally, students wrote for three minutes about whether Ponyboy’s action was the correct one to take.

3. Reading. We read to the end of Chapter 1.

4. RAFT. Students wrote one page in class by choosing a combination of the following (choose one from each column):

Role  Audience   Format Topic 


A guidance councilor


the Socs

the Greasers



your future children


Journal entry




Ponyboy getting jumped


the gang rivalry 

HW: Read Chapter 2 of The Outsiders. Keep notes on your reading log. Due Monday.


1. Freewrite.

2. Skit rehearsal time.

3. Skit performance.

HW: None. Optional: Revise memoir for tomorrow. Print out new copy and bring back old copy.


1. Freewrite.

2. Personality of narrator in The Hobbit. Students described the narrator’s “storyteller-like” qualities and we found evidence for that description.

3. Skits of Chapter 1. Students performed skits on five sections of chapter 1. These were very well done and entertaining!

4. Motif assignments.

As they read chapter 2 and all future chapters, students need to note 5-10 occasions (or more!) that their motif arises in each chapter. Along with noting the quotation or passage, students should provide commentary explaining how that quote connects to the motif.

Here are the motif groups:

Luck, Chance, and Fate: SL, JB, HH, EW

Wealth, Greed, and Treasure: AY, EP, RH, MT

Lying and Misguiding: JM, SS, DT, JA

Genealogy, Ancestry, and Family: HL, TB, LJ, GT

Nature and the Natural World: AS, JR, LB, TE

HW: Read Ch. 2 of The Hobbit and track your motif either on sticky notes, writing in your (personal copy of the) book, or on notebook paper.