November 2: A Day


1. Freewrite.

2. Turn in One-Pager.

3. Vocab review. We reviewed our vocabulary words by playing “Simon Says,” and we went to the computer lab. There, we played Space Race and Scatter. The top 10 scores will get 2 points of extra credit.

4. Flashcards. Back in the classroom, we made flashcards for each word part and SAT word. Students who complete their flashcards can get 2 points of extra credit on the test.

HW: Review for vocabulary test on WEDNESDAY 11/7.


1. Freewrite.

2. Vocab notes. We took notes through #13 (plus SAT words). If you were gone, get the notes here and copy down the definitions for indignant, indifferent, and impetuous.

HW: Finish reading memoir for Monday. If you want to take notes to use on your quiz as you read, you may use them on the quiz on Monday.


1. Freewrite.

2. 10 minutes to review reading.

3. Written quiz. If you were absent, you can take the quiz when you return or you can be exempt from it.

4. Vocab notes. We finished all of our vocabulary notes, which you can find here.

5. Vocab review. Review your vocabulary online at Quizlet. Search for the user ms_garvoille and study Vocab Word Parts Unit 1

HW: Review your vocabulary words online or by making flashcards yourself. Test is FRIDAY. Complete your extra credit sentence-completion by next Friday for extra credit. So, here are your extra credit opportunities:

1 point: you have all your vocab notes on test day

2 points: you made paper flashcards or downloaded the Quizlet app to your phone or made android phone flashcards yourself

1 point: you completed the Lesson 1 Sentence Writing Practice correctly

2 points/3 points: you made it into the top 10 users in Advanced English on Scatter or Space Race. 1 extra point if you’re #1. Be sure you’re logged on to do this.