October 10: A Day


1. We spent all class in the lab working on typing up our memoirs! The due date is 24 October 2012, but our rough drafts will be due in the middle of next week.

HW: Continue working on your memoir at your own pace.


1. Today was a work day on our memoirs! Students wrote a scene they had not written yet.

HW: Finish reading chapter 1 of Into Thin Air and/or A Walk in the Woods by tomorrow. Work on your memoir at your own pace.


1. Oral Quiz on Chapter 1. We did an oral quiz on the first chapter of both books; that is, I asked questions and students answered them out loud for points. Any students who didn’t get questions today or were absent will get questions on future quiz days!

2. Work time! Students had time to work on writing any scene from their memoir that wasn’t written yet. I was also on hand to give feedback via GoogleDrive chat and comment features.

HW: Read Chapter 2 of memoir by Friday. Continue writing scenes for your memoir at your own pace.