Freshman Orientation

Welcome to Grafton High School!

Whether you’re in English 9 or Advanced English 9 with Ms. Garvoille, this is your go-to spot for homework, class updates, links, and other resources. This website is updated daily at around 5:00 with a description of the day’s activities and downloads of handouts when available. Be sure to look for your class . . .

English 9 1A/B

Advanced English 9 2AB or

Advanced English 9 4A/B

Advanced 9 HW: Finish reading Haroun and the Sea of Stories and And Then There Were None by Tuesday. On the first day of English 9, bring your texts (if you own them or haven’t returned them to the library) and your summer assignment annotations to turn in for a grade. There will be a test over the reading on the first day and an in-class essay over the reading on the first day of the second week of school.