Close reading: Day 167

1. Oral quiz. students participated in an oral quiz over Books 10 and 11.

2. Close reading class example. Students chose a passage from The Kingdom of the Dead book to analyze on Monday in small groups or individually. Then, as a class we did a close reading of a five-line section of Book 9, focusing on how the language of poetry can tell a different–even a contrary story to what is literally said. We annotated the passage together and came up with some bold implications of the poetic devices used. For instance, though Odysseus claims the goddesses “never won the heart inside [him], never,” actually his language implies that he finds some enjoyment in adventure in foreign lands and the pursuit of women. We will continue this analysis in Monday.

HW: Read Book 12 of The Odyssey.

If you are doing the Honors Project, all you need to do extra is annotate in your books as you read or keep a reading journal. This should help you engage with the reading on a deeper level rather than being one more hoop to jump through.