Project introduction: Day 159

Sorry for the late post, everyone. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the ARTWORKS are listed under the R & J tab (upper right).

1. Finishing scenes. Any classes that still had some scene to perform did so!

2. Why this project? We saw before reading Romeo and Juliet that the story was over a thousand years old. We will see now that the story continues even today. Artists throughout the past centuries have been influenced by Shakespeare’s play to create their own original works, their own versions of the story. You will analyze one work of art that was inspired by the specific scene you studied with your group. Then, you will write a critical essay–like an art review–declaring whether or not the artist’s approach to the scene accurately captured the tone of the play–or if it took the tone in a new direction.

3. The project. Download the project directions for Standard (RJ Project 2012 Regular) or Honors (RJ Project 2012 Honors).

4. Art works. Students must complete the prewriting pages from the project directions for homework tonight. You must choose a work of art from the class website list (click the R&J tab) or from somewhere else, so long as the art work is clearly directly inspired by your specific scene from the play.

HW: Complete two pages of prewriting worksheet (see downloads in #3 above) for TOMORROW.

Email me with any questions!