Prologue to R&J: Day 148

1. Do now. Today, we started class by writing about why anyone would go see a play/movie/tv show that they already knew the ending of.

2. Iambic pentameter. Students all wrote two lines of iambic pentameter about their weekends. Not so hard once you get the hang of it!

3. Romeo and Juliet background. We took notes on some basics of the background on our pink Reading Guides (pick one up from the classroom if you were absent).

4. Prologue. We read the prologue in pairs and took time to do some close reading of it.

HW: Study L22 for your poetry quiz tomorrow.

If in Honors, you should bring your own copy of the book to school. If you ordered one from me, you will get it early this week. Anyone who ordered from me, I have given you a school copy until yours comes in.