Benchmark: Day 139

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s a little bit of a late evening to update, but we had a great time at Parent-Teacher conferences tonight.

Today in class, students turned in all of their annotated articles, pink cards, outlines, and rough drafts for their Wikipedia project. Then, we started taking a real EOC-style benchmark. We will take two days on this test to ensure everyone finishes in time.

Now, you may have heard it’s a black-market benchmark . . . Well, it’s not a CA, like the other tests we’ve been taking. Here’s how it’s different: the benchmark actually resembles the EOC completely. All the question types are the same. The scoring is also the same. (The CAs were much easier than the EOC.) Now, the district no longer gives benchmarks, so Ms. Del Dotto and I compiled some released testing samples and some scavenged passages for your use. DSA is lucky because it is likely one of the only schools in the district that will actually be taking a benchmark that resembles the EOC! Even if it’s an unofficial, in-house benchmark, and the scores aren’t reported to the district, it’s still a benchmark.

(That’s how much Ms. Del Dotto and I love you all.)

HW: None tonight. We will continue the benchmark tomorrow.